Flexible Q Sanding System, specifically for sanding concave surfaces!

Q Sanding Technologies offers a unique patented solution enabling users to sand a radius and curved surfaces with a machine instead of by hand! Even places that are hard to reach can easily be sanded with our efficient tool. The Q Backing pad has a flexible edge and a special rounded design which enables you to sand a radius easily and perfectly.

Using the Pneumatic Q-Sander considerably speeds up your final surface preparations before applying topcoat and improves the quality of the final sanded curved product.

  • Sand up to 5 times faster than by hand!
  • Allows sanding every rounding over 35mm on primers, topcoats, or clears.
  • Easy to use and great in saving time and material.
  • Made for regular 150mm abrasive material  discs

If you are finding the sanding of inner curved surfaces a chore? Then the Q-Sanding system could well be the solution you have been looking for.

News & Media

Q Sanding is delighted to confirm its attendance at the Metstrade show 2022 from 15,16 and 17 November, Rai Amsterdam.

Sand the perfect rounding.
Faster than ever!