Flexible Q Sanding System specifically designed for sanding concave surfaces!

Q Sanding Technologies offers a unique patented solution to sand contours and curves surfaces by machine instead of by hand! Using the Q-Sander considerably speeds up your final surface preparations before applying topcoat and improves quality of the sanded product.

  • With the Pneumatic Q-Sander ROS CV 2,5 Orbit you can sand every radius over 35mm in primer and topcoat.
  • Creates a sanding block effect when the flexible edge is bent upwards and sands small imperfections out. 
  • Less risk of over sanding edges and style lines due to less pressure on flexible edge of the backing pad.
  • You can sand next to a tapeline like never before. With just mm to scuff afterward.
  • Easy to use and great in saving time and material.
  • Special made size Q-Softpads available in 5mm and 10mm.
  • Made for your regular 150 mm abrasive disk.

Significant: Q-Sander is the solution for all curves where sanding is a challenge!

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Sand the perfect rounding.
Faster than ever!